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Ontdek de uitzonderlijke thees van Asbl Les Feuilles Vertes


Pikowines has the opportunity to make you discover an incomparable selection of Chinese teas, resulting from sustainable agriculture. It is the work of two passionate people, Sanmao and Liping, creators of the Asbl Les Feuilles Vertes.

Come experience the aromas and flavors of green, white, yellow, blue-green and red teas (called 'black'), those of intense dark teas or Pu'er.

Sanmao and Liping guarantee the traceability of each harvest: from the terroir in the name of the producer to the gardens, their altitude, and to the type of tea plant (the cultivar). All the tea plants in the world belong to the same family, but they are declined in "cultivars" - as the vine has its grape varieties - which each have their characteristics and qualities.

Poetry is in the catalog:

Yun Wu (green tea) comes from "a garden ... surrounded by woods, clouds and mists"; Huang Xiao Cha (yellow tea) reveals "scents of cereals and honey"; Lao Guan Yin (blue-green tea) grows in "a real paradise for tea trees". And the Gong Ting Pu'er (dark tea), its name means "the court or palace of the emperor" ...

Tea tasting is an art!

Are they little or completely oxidized (such as red tea)? Are they fermented like the Huang Xiao Cha according to the traditional process of smothering (Menhaung) in a bamboo paper? Are they post-oxidized and post-fermented like the very high quality dark teas Gong Ting Pu'er or Xi Ding Sheng Pu?

Like wines, again, dark teas, especially those of slow post-fermentation, are a living product, capable of evolution and improvement over time.

To convince you, this year Pikowines will offer an introduction to the world of teas, in the presence of Sanmao and Liping.


Asbl Les Feuilles vertes

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