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Piko Wines - The specialist of wines and rare alcohols, organic and biodynamic wines

Piko offers a very wide range of wines, for the most part imported directly from the producers, with an emphasis on organic wines produced by means of bio-dynamic and natural processes.

Although first and foremost a specialist in French wines (Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire, Beaujolais, Rhone Valley, Provence and Champagne), Piko also takes pride in its Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and North American wines. In addition to its selection of prestigious estate and chateaux vintages, wines made by true artisans (small-scale production) and a range of exceptional spirits and Madeiras,Piko's qualified staff provides invaluable advice in helping you choose wines that suit your tastes and needs.

Piko can also assess the value of your wine cellar and make an offer to buy your collection under the best possible conditions


Due to the Covid-19 situation, until December 13, 2020, PIKOWINES adapts its services to make your life easier

° PIKOWINES remains open every Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. on the principle of collect and go

Send your order by email ([email protected]), during the week and even the Saturday
Or call 0496401660 S, at least 1 hour before your visit.


We maintain the discounts: 10% discount for any purchase of at least 500 euros including VAT - 15% discount for the purchase of 3 bottles of alcohol on our price (your choice!)

During the lockdown it will be from 250 euros including VAT of purchases that the shipping costs will be free in Belgium


0496401660 - [email protected]

 1487 Chaussée de Wavre - Auderghem. (5 minutes from Hermann-Debroux and E 411) - Parking 

 From 3-11 to 13-11, Pikowines makes a very important technical update of its site. This will slow down your searches or even create momentary bugs: thank you for your patience.





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